Inside the hi-b.a campsite

今回、カンファレンスの会場となります、 hi-b.aキャンプ場ではコロナ感染拡大防止のため、



In order to prevent the spread of Covid at the hi-b.a campsite, which will be the venue of the conference this time,

there are matters that all participants and users must comply with,

so please be sure to read them before applying for participation. Thank you for your cooperation.

具体的なルール / Rules


① 施設内は基本的にマスク着用 / Masks must be worn in the facility


②施設内にあるアルコールで手指消毒 / Disinfect your hands with alcohol in the facility


③食事は黙食 / Eat silently

 食堂へは3人1組で入室、着席。 食堂に入る前にお祈りは済ませておくこと。

Enter the dining room in groups of 3 and take a seat. Pray before entering the cafeteria.


④お風呂は5人制。更衣室はマスク着用。 入浴はマスクを外し、黙浴。

The bath is for 5 people. Wear a mask in the changing room and take a silent bath.


⑤礼拝中は参加者全員マスク着用。/ All participants wear masks during worship service.



All participants present the temperature measurement table from 1 weeks ago.



If you have a positive person in your home, you can't participate.




In 2022, there are quite a lot of rules due to Covid measures,

but if you can protect them, it will be possible to hold a offline event.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.